Taliban: The world should recognize our government

Abdul Salaam Hanafi
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At a meeting in Moscow, Al-Wazra’s deputy director Abdul Salaam Hanafi called on the international community to recognize our government. According to reports, Al-Wazra’s deputy director Maulvi Abdul Salam Hanafi addressed a meeting in Moscow and stressed that he would not yield to any pressure from the world.

He said Afghans had a strong and central government after many years and it is now the responsibility of the world to recognize the government of our choice. According to Hanafi, they are looking for civilized relations and interactions with the world and want to have good and wide relations with the whole world.

Hanafi also stressed that the United States should release Afghanistan’s frozen money, which is the property of the Afghan people, and that the United States should not try to put pressure on us. Hanafi has stressed that they will not yield to any kind of pressure and will not accept any pressure but are ready to talk and interact with the world as a responsible government.

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