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Saheen; We form a coalition government, but do not accept orders

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Saheen; We will form a coalition government, but we will not accept the order

after Tal iban went to Doha for a few days trip From Afghanistan, and at the same time, the US State Department and some other senior officials The invitation has arrived in Doha, and Doha may be hosting a multi-day meeting between them.

You have no plans. “We have discussed the formation of a coalition government and some other issues and false reports and orders from countries around the world are not acceptable to us,” Shaheen said. He said the international community must respect the aspirations of Afghanistan and the Afghan people.

In his latest remarks to Al Jazeera TV, Suhail Shaheen said that all issues will be discussed during the multi-day visit with the US delegation, in order to get the current crisis-ridden Afghanistan out of this situation.

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