Not cooperating with Afghans is a shame for the international community

Afghan People During Collecting Aid.
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Afghans are in dire straits and starving. The BBC reports on the latest situation in Afghanistan that a large percentage of the population in Afghanistan is malnourished and undernourished. The source also said that unemployment and the onset of winter have made life difficult for Afghans.

The report said World Food Program (WFP) officials had been contacted and warned of a humanitarian catastrophe. Officials say the world should be ashamed for that 400 million USD can save the lives of Afghans, but they are not cooperating. The World Food Program (WFP) said it was doing everything in its power to save lives and called on the world not to cut back on aid.

The crisis comes at a time when foreign countries, in their 20-year presence in Afghanistan, have not done much to boost economic growth, and their departure has led to growing poverty and problems in the country. Earlier, Russia announced humanitarian aid, they said We’ll send the largest shipment of humanitarian aid to Afghanistan.

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