EU aid to Afghanistan increased by one billion Euros

EU aid to Afghanistan increased by one billion Euros
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The European Union (EU) has announced today (Tuesday, March 20) ahead of the G20 summit that it will provide € 700 million ($ 809.2 million) more to Afghanistan and Afghanistan’s neighbors in addition to its previous commitments.

Earlier, the European Union (EU) offered 300 million euros in aid to Afghanistan to prevent the collapse of basic services. With the addition of € 700 million in aid, the union’s aid to Afghanistan increased to € 1 billion.

On the eve of today’s G20 summit on Afghanistan, European Commission President Varzula von der Leyen said the aid was committed to preventing a deteriorating social and economic situation in Afghanistan.

“We must do everything we can to prevent a humanitarian crisis and a social and economic collapse in Afghanistan,” Darline said in a statement.

The European Union (EU) has stated that the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan must meet the five conditions of the European Union in order to continue its assistance to Afghanistan.

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