Digital screens have been installed in waiting areas in Shanghai.

Digital Screen for Taxi Booking
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Shanghai has so far installed around six digital screens in various waiting areas, allowing elderly people to call a one-click taxi.

Elderly people say that it used to be very difficult for them to take a taxi, but now they can easily take a taxi for themselves through these screens.

“When I go out to see my friends and doctors,” said Hu Zhefang, a Shanghai resident. I would have to stand by the side of the road and find a taxi. At times, they even failed. “On the other hand, at such a young age, I can’t work on a smart phone or write easily.”

But now things have changed and with just a single click of a finger on the smart screen in Shanghai, Shanghai’s elderly people can call a taxi for themselves.

The screens are set up at taxi stops, which recognize people’s faces and call for taxis.

The devices have formed the Shanghai Taxi Capture Shenzhen Travel Platform, and the company’s chairman says the elderly can now easily take advantage of these services.

“We have developed advanced screens,” said Yuan Dongliang, general manager of Shenzhen Travel. The size of one screen is up to 5 cm and the size of the other screen is 5 cm. These screens are mounted on the wall. These screens are very easy to use. Users can catch a taxi by scanning the face. Their facial information is not yet recorded on the machine. “They enter their mobile number to catch a taxi.”

The company says its screens give priority to taxis for people over the age of five.

The company plans to install similar screens in 100 other waiting areas in the near future, officials said.

Wang Yanji, deputy director of the Shanghai Municipal Road Transport Administration’s passenger transport department, said: It helps them to enjoy community development and facilities, ”he said.

The move comes after the government recently called for the expansion of access to services for the elderly.

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