American university professor who was imprisoned by the Taliban returning to Afghanistan

Timothy Weeks with Anas Haqani
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Osama Aziz, president of Kabul University, says Jibril Omar, an American professor who was imprisoned by the Taliban for several years, is returning to Afghanistan.

The head of Kabul University wrote in a tweet on Monday: ” Our Australian Muslim brother, Gabriel Omar will come to Afghanistan soon and serve the people in the field of science.”

Timothy Weeks, who changed his name to Gabriel Omar after converting to Islam, is one of two professors at the American University of Afghanistan who were kidnapped by the Taliban on Darulaman Road in 2016. He was an Australian-American citizen.

Two American-American professors

The two American-American professors remain in the Taliban prison for three years until they were released in November 2019 to pave the way for direct peace talks with the Taliban, They war exchanged with three senior Taliban prisoners, including Anas Haqqani, Mali Khan and Hafiz Rashid.

After the the release of Timothy Weeks from a Taliban prison, He appeared and shared photos with the Haqqani’s political group in Qatar.

After his release from Taliban prison, he changed his name to Gabriel and claimed to have converted to Islam.

He wrote on this Twitter: “A new era is dawning in Afghanistan, promoting Islamic education for all.”

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