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Afghan airspace is occupied, US must respect our airspace!

After the White House said in a statement to the IAEA two days ago that our air force does not need permission on Afghan soil and can safely target terrorist groups and The middle one. Senior White House generals also added that they now have full control over Afghanistan and would not need any IAEA permission to crack down on terrorists.

But at the same time, the IAEA, in its latest statement, warned the United States that using Afghanistan’s airspace without permission would have dire consequences for any country. He has no right to use Afghan airspace without permission. The report says all member states, including the United States, must respect Afghanistan’s airspace.

The IAEA added in a recent statement that DOS now controls all of Afghanistan and that responsibility for Afghanistan’s airspace and territorial integrity rests with them and will be fully protected. 

It is noteworthy that the IAA has since issued similar announcements on social media in different parts of the country that unidentified planes are flying in the air every day, which is a matter of concern to the general public. Are caused.

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