$190 million Japanese aid to Afghanistan

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Japan has announced at a G20 summit that it will provide $ 190 million in humanitarian assistance to Afghanistan through international organizations.

According to Japanese media, Japanese Prime Minister Kishida Fumio said at an extraordinary G20 summit that Tokyo would send $ 190 million in humanitarian aid to the country through international organizations to support Afghanistan.

Kishida also condemned last week’s attack on a mosque in the Kunduz region and vowed to step up efforts with relevant parties to fight terrorism.

“Protecting the rights of all Afghans in this country is important and women should have the right to work and education,” he said.

Earlier, European Commission President Ursula Fanline announced a € 1 billion bailout package for Afghanistan and neighboring countries accepting Afghan asylum seekers.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has reiterated that her country will provide 600 million euros in aid to Afghanistan.

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